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Do You Know Your Value?

If you're a small business owner, your company's valuation is one of the most important numbers in your life. It is vital to have an understanding of how valuation is calculated and to make sure you understand the levers of valuation and how to maximize the price of your asset. Selling your company can represent the potential for a life-changing exit, but as business owners we struggle to decide the right time to sell our companies and whether to do so at all.

We have developed ProFormeus® as online business owners ourselves who were confused by the various valuation techniques and who struggled to determine the correct timing and price of our exits or to understand the accurate valuation of our companies. Even with advanced business degrees, we found the process of valuation confusing and the technical calculations quite difficult, so we developed ProFormeus® with the goal of creating an accurate valuation tool so that you can easily pull in your financials from your preferred provider including QuickBooks® or Xero® and easily get an accurate valuation for your company.

In addition, we found it valuable to seek advice from a qualified broker who assisted us by answering details questioned about our specific business and industry, so we've added an easy way to contact our partner brokers via the app.

We hope you enjoy ProFormeus® and that it makes the process of valuation and exit planning as easy as possible. We hope you find this application to be insanely great and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns in the support link within the app.

Import Your Data with our Simple Integrations.

Import your data in one click with these helpful integrations to popular accounting applications, payment processors, and analytics apps.

Quickbooks logo

Import your Profit & Loss / Income Statements directly from QuickBooks.


Import your sales (and any expenses in Stripe) directly from Stripe.

Profitwell white

Import your sales and expenses directly from ProfitWell which includes all of the services that you can import into ProfitWell: Stripe, Chargify, Recharge, Braintree, Recurly, Chargebee,

Xero logo

Import your Profit & Loss / Income Statements directly from Xero.

Forecast Your Financials and View them in The Cloud.

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View Your Monthly Profit and Loss Statements.

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View Your Summary Pro Forma Financials.

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Export Your Financial Projections to Your Favorite Spreadsheet Application.

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Discover Your Present and Future Market Valuation.

This is a complimentary add-on if you are interested in obtaining a valuation for your company and/or planning the timing and desired price of a future liquidity event for your company. If you have a SaaS business or other online business, we have specialized partner-brokers who you can contact directly via the app. Our business brokers can provide you with an accurate valuation multiple based on actual historical sales data of comparative companies in your industry and provide brokerage services to you, if desired, to sell your SaaS or online business. The app will calculate your valuation using real-time data as an (A) present market value based on your company-specific multiple and also using (B) discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis (for all the MBAs out there)...

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Easily Mark Line Items as Seller Discretionary Expenses.



How it Works

Simple steps to forecast your financials..

  • Import Your Data

    Import up to five (5) years of your historical data from QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, or ProfitWell.

  • Forecast Your Financials

    Forecast up to five years of your future sales in addition to the current year, forecast expenses and net income all at once, or one line item at a time. We provide you with monthly as well as annual summary pro formas.

  • Calculate Your Valuation (optional)

    Use our free valuation tools to calculate your present and future market valuation. Contact an online business broker through the app if you'd like to sell your online business.

  • DCF Valuation (optional)

    For you MBAs out there, we automatically calculate the present value of your business using discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis to obtain the present value of your future cash flow. This is a complimentary addon. Just choose your preferred WACC (weighted average cost of capital) and the app automatically calculates your DCF in real time. Amazing!

  • Contact a Broker to Sell Your Business (Optional)

    If you want to plan your exit, you can contact one of our partner brokers and easily share your financials with them. Brokers do all the work of finding a buyer for your company and providing you with a valuation multiple which you can enter into your model to obtain a valuation instantly.

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