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*no one can actually predict the future, but we can help you to easily forecast your pro forma financials and create an accurate financial model for your SaaS business. This will let you calculate the exact present value of your SaaS business and help you to maximize your exit price (if you ever decide to sell).

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Benefits of Using ProFormeus™

  • Valuation - You will know the exact value of your company within minutes.
  • Instant CFO - If you're an early-stage founder without a CFO, you can easily build your own financial model of your business in minutes. No need to hire an expensive CFO to create your pro formas or the primary financial model of your SaaS.
  • Exit Strategy - You can maximize the valuation of your company by planning your income/EBITDA growth and your goal sale price and timing.
  • Instant Profit Metrics - KPIs like MRR just tell you your sales, not your profitability. Unlike our competitors, ProFormeus™ gives you the complete picture of your business's profitability - not just your sales.
  • One-click Pro Forma Financials - You will be able to instantly produce pro forma financials for your company and export to Excel®, forecast revenues, expenses, and income for the next five (5) years to share with third parties.
  • One-click Data Import - You can instantly import the last five (5) years of actual sales data from Stripe® and other popular payment processors like Recurly®, Braintree® and ChargeBee®.
  • Real-Time Data Updates - Your financials auto-update on the first of each month to give you a real-time picture of your business' actual performance and profitability - not just your top-level KPIs and sales.
  • Forecasting and What-if Analysis - Show your profitability and valuation of your business based on your forecasts. For example, what would be your valuation in 3 years if you grow sales 5% month-over-month? What if you grow sales 10% month-over-month? Make estimates and see how this changes your profit and valuation.
  • Your Data in The Cloud - No more searching through multiple saved copies of spreadsheet files and attaching them to emails - we store your financial data securely in the cloud for easy viewing from any web browser.
  • WARNING: - Have you been offered a valuation by a broker? Brokers incentives are mis-aligned with yours in the following way: brokers are incentivized to sell your SaaS as fast as possible so they can earn a commission as soon as possible NOT to get the highest price for the buyer (i.e. you!). You may want to plan your exit to get the highest sales price or for tax considerations of your own. Don't sell your SaaS until you have a sense of the value to you of first not selling your SaaS and simply enjoying your future cash flows from operations or...delaying your sale into you hit the numbers that will maximize your multiples and the value of your asset!

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    How do you create a financial model for a startup?

    You might be asking yourself, "How do you create a financial model for a startup, particularly a SaaS startup?". Well, if you have a financial analyst or a CFO on your team, they can likely work with you on creating a complex Excel™ model with scores of linked tabs, but if you're an early-stage founder without a CFO, now there's a better, faster and easier way than building a model from scratch in Excel™ - ProFormeus, a web-based pro forma creator to help you create a financial model for your SaaS business!

    The first step is to create a sales forecast. If you have sales, you can pull them into ProFormeus™ with our nifty one-click Stripe™ integration. If you don't have sales yet you can use a SWAG ("Scientific" Wild-sAas-Guess") and enter totals in manually.

    Then just forecast your future sales growth - in a flat dollar amount or percentage. You can forecast all sales line items at once, or you can forecast each line item individually (if you think they will grow at different rates). SWAGing works here too or if you have actuals, then just calculate a growth trend and plug it in.

    The next step is to enter your expenses. You can tie an expense line item to either (A) gross sales or (B) to a particular line item.For example, your credit card fees are likely to be about 2.9% of gross revenues. When you forecast sales, linked line items will update automatically.

    After you forecast expenses, you are done with your initial financial model of your startup. You have a complete forecast!

    Then just update each month's actuals when the month is completed (i.e. on the 1st of each month for prior month's totals). We will pull in your sales data via the Stripe™ API on the first of the month for prior month's sales and linked expenses will update accordingly so this is all done-for-you! Yay! You'll have an updated model by the end of the first of each month. When your accounting team pulls the prior months actuals together, you can update the monthly totals to match.

    Voila! A dynamic, real-time financial model of your SaaS. Now, just hit your forecasted numbers and enjoy your early retirement when you exit at your forecasted sales price!

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